Network Effects

Resources. Insights. Relationships.

What is Network Effects?

Network Effects is a tool to do together what might be very hard to do alone. You will find practical suggestions, tips, and case studies to help us serve principles and people. You’ll hear from experts in various arenas. And you can share with each other—often the most valuable resource of all.

Why should you join?

1. Connections. Network with peers from around the country and create the strategic partnerships that will help you build influence and winning initiatives.
2. Solutions. Find the solutions to your state’s most pressing problems and share your successes and lessons learned with other leaders.
3. Impact. Collaborate with leaders from around the country to increase your effectiveness and see your solutions grow beyond your community and state to have national impact.
4. Acceleration. Leverage the power of the Network to go further faster so that you can achieve your goals in a shorter time than you would if you worked alone.
5. Learn and Grow. Access the wealth of experience, best practices, training resources, coaching, peer networks, and programs that the Network has to offer so that you and your team can strengthen the skills necessary to build effective nonprofit organizations.
6. Intelligence. Forecast trends, find your audience, build your influence, and optimize your strategies with national and state intelligence and analysis.
7. Capacity. Build your organization’s strategies and capacity to achieve its mission by learning best practices to build strategies, leadership skills, communications, public affairs, and fundraising.
8. Funding. Access to targeted grants and RFP programs that help build your organization and strategies.
9. Tools. Stop reinventing the wheel with a wealth of toolkits, research, case studies, templates and other products developed by and for leaders like you.
10. Recognition. Each year, SPN recognizes nonprofits and nonprofit leaders who have made significant contributions to their states and the Network. In addition to financial support, these awards enhance your credibility with funders and influencers.

Who can join?

Network Effects is a resource for affiliates of the State Policy Network.

Need help?

Email [email protected] with questions.